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What We Do


law_bookssAce Solicitors is currently undergoing training to be ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) certified. We pride ourselves in combining the highest global standards with local expertise. Our business strategy is underpinned by the drive to provide our clients with a world class service.

We provide proactive, practical and result-oriented legal solutions drawn from our wealth of experience in several strata of law and projected to help our clients navigate avoidable risks as well as gain competitive market advantage. All our solutions are geared towards helping our clients gain long term legal stability.


Our areas of professional expertise include;


•    Oil and Gas

•    Shipping and Maritime

•    Hospitality

•    Information & Communication Technology

•    Mining

•    Banking and Finance

•    Media and Entertainment

•    Real & Intellectual Property

•    Insurance and Re-insurance

•    Debt Recovery

•    Company Law/Commercial Law

•    Regulatory Compliance

•    Litigation

•    Alternative Dispute Resolution as well as industry specific business intelligence services.



How We Do What We Do


Our core values are: Loyalty, Confidentiality, Timeliness, Proactiveness, Quality and Professionalism. At Ace Solicitors, to excel in everything we do, we leverage on;


•    Demanding more and getting the best from the team, collectively

•    Adding value to our clients, excellently

•    Improving our standards at every opportunity

•    To question and challenge rather than assume while improving relations with clients

•    To explore all possibilities and always taking a constructive approach to seek out cutting edge solutions


The firm’s reputation and stability are evidenced by long standing relationships with major business organizations, including Federal and State agencies, multinational corporations, banking institutions, non-profit organizations, individuals and entrepreneurs.

Ace Solicitors embraces critical thought as the cornerstone of its future. It means, in part, a commitment by all our lawyers to study, continuous improvement and the establishment of workplace ethics that enable them attain both their corporate goals in the service of our clients.

We pride ourselves in possessing the capacity to look for and produce legal solutions that effectively answers clients needs. At Ace Solicitors, we just don’t refer to the existing legal frame, we thrive on constantly creating new legal solutions at the forefront of the legal system.

We are Ace Solicitors.


Our Services


We offer legal solutions & consultancy. A cross-section of our services are listed below:


•    Provision of legal advice

•    Drafting and review of simple and complex legal and commercial contracts, oil and gas contracts and other related legal documents

•    Corporate and industry related regulatory compliance

•    Provision of industry related business intelligence services

•    Provision of company secretarial services

•    Undertaking of alternative dispute resolutions as the need arises

•    Provision of real and Intellectual Property (IP) Protection services,

•    Undertaking of litigation, when all alternative means of dispute resolution fail

•    Provision of labour and industrial relations related services